The Captain Dario Farabegoli is passionate about the sea thanks to his maternal grandfather, who takes him with him on the Tiber river with his sailing cruiser. 

From this feeling of freedom the step is easy, the studies at the Nautical School of Rome to become Captain of Vessel, the Military Academy of Livorno, the Atlantic navigations as an officer of the merchant navy, to approach the world of yachting in 1980, starting to conducting sailboats and motor yachts of all types and sizes. 

Over the years he has refined his experience, with Factory manager, builder and repairer of yachts, specializing in primary construction materials such as wood, fiberglass, iron and aluminum.

 In 2001 he created the FD Naval Studio, and became the official Marine Survey and Court Survey

Over the years it surveys hundreds of yachts, collaborates with Dealers of the best world Brands, specializes in CE certification, safety certification of Italian yachts, delivers and transfers yachts and mega yachts around the world, Miami, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, China..........

In 2020 he is recognized by the International Institute Marine Survey as an affiliate member, on the path to becoming a full member.

With his son Giacomo, he begins to transform the survey into Video Marine Survey to ensure that even in times of Covid 19 we can continue to buy boats through his eyes .................

Titles and awards

1982 Diploma di Aspirante Allievo Ufficiale al Comanda di Navi Mercantili, Istituto Tecnico Nautico Roma

1983 Italian Military Academy Livorno

1983 April Military Officer, La Spezia, Second officer Battle Ship Astice, Minesweeper

1999 registration in the register of Naval Experts, Grosseto Chamber of Commerce

2000 License for Ship yacht since 500 tons

1999 Radio officer for ship since 1500 tons

2000/ 2005 Marine Survey Istituto Giordano,Security safety certification, Ce certification

2006 Marine survey Court of Grosseto register number 1

2007/2015 Contract with RINA us Non- esclusive Survey for safety certification  CE e Italian law 50/71

2009 at todayi, CONSULTANT Dealer Used Grand Banks Italia e Francia, OCEAN ALEXANDER, TARGA, NAUTICAT, Marine Survey in Singapore DELIVERY GB

2015/2018 Marine Survey ENAVE Ente Europeo Navale, Security safety certification, Ce certification

2019/2020 Affiliate member IIMS


1893 Second Officer Mineswiper Astice, La Spezia

1985 Officer on Carbon Vessel cargo, North Atlantic

1986 al 1995 Captain on sail and motor yacht private Owner

1995 al 1999 Refitting Yacht, build teak deck, Factory manager

1997 al 1999 factory manager Comar srl, delivery new boat at owner, after service

1999 at today Official Italian Marine Survey - Grosseto Court  Survey

2007/ 2015 NES RINA (Non exclusive survey for Italian Register)

2015/2019 Marine survey ENAVE (Institute for CE Certification, Safety and security control)

2015 Project Manager Charter Grand Banks 80 modello Alaskan

2016 Project Manager Charter Grand Banks 80 modello Alaskan

2016 Marine survey in exclusive for Tobi Marine. and world wide. Japan Company

2017 Project Manager Charter Grand Banks 80 modello Alaskan

2017 Marine survey in exclusive for Tobi Marine. and world wide. Japan Company

2018 Project Manager e gestione "Vittorino" ancient TUG 1914

2018 Project Manager "Nave Barbara" explorer 35 metri Refitting 

2018 Project Manager Refitting  and delivery Grand Banks 80 modello Alaskan, in Tokyo

2018 Marine Survey in exclusive Stebel. Co.Ltd, World Wide Japan Company

2019/2020 Consultant and survey Europa Dealer Ocean Alexander

2019/2020 Marine Survey in exclusive Ribport Co.Ltd Japan

2019/2020 affiliate Member International Institute Marine Survey